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Jeff Lee has managed my family farm since 1996.  Over that period Jeff has provided "hands on" professional farm management of our farm property providing his experience working with the soils, crops, seed varieties, fertilizers, pest management, soil and water conservation and management. Jeff has professionally handled the business arrangements and income for the farm in a cost effective manner that has improved the value of the land.  For myself and the Carroll Farm, farming is not only a business or another "profit center" it's a valued part of my Midwestern heritage (growing up in the United States) that is managed to be true to our ancestor’s dreams.  Our farm's soil productivity and crop yields have increased and income for our family has been consistent.  Jeff knows his technical information and keeps up with the latest trends in modern farming technologies. I meet with him annually and he is always well informed and open.  Jeff's narrative and financial reports are professional and he provides the income tax information to our CPA (who has complimented the format). If this were a class in "Farm Management" in college Jeff Lee would get an A+." I am Jeff's international farm management owner!

Mike Carroll, Vientiane, Laos

Jeff Lee managed my parents’ farmland in McLean County since 1987. They often told me what a good job he did keeping them informed about farmland issues, farmland values, and what fair cash rent was when they moved away from 50/50 crop-sharing. After my Dad died in 2009, I benefited from the high level of quality communication from Jeff. I had a lot to learn!

I particularly benefited from Jeff’s knowledge and expertise when Mom agreed to gift the properties to a family LLC in late 2012. Jeff quickly gave recommendations for legal counsel for the Illinois LLC required as well as a company who could give us a certified appraisal for the land value. In 2013 we decided to auction the farm and utilize a 1031 exchange of the farm for Sacramento, CA rental properties. Jeff and I had many conversations about the timing to do this and he ran an outstanding auction on February 12, 2014. We got a very good price for the property and that was due to Jeff and his auction team putting a lot of planning and effort into the farm information available to potential bidders.

Check out his property website. The Warrington farm information is still out there. I was able to pick up 5 rental units in Sacramento that spring and diversify our real estate portfolio. We still own Midwest farmland consisting of 237 acres in North Central Iowa. My mom was so proud that I could do something like this for our family. I wouldn’t have been able to complete this complex transaction without Jeff’s help. Jeff is knowledgeable, honest, and easy to work with. I recommend him highly to you!

Jim Warrington
West Sacramento, CA


We live in Minnesota making it a challenge to manage our farmland in Illinois (which we could not do anyway because of having no farming background).  We have entrusted Jeff Lee of Lee Reality Group to manage this farmland and we cannot say enough about our experience.  Jeff keeps us informed with clear, detailed reports of not only the financial position and yields but also how the weather is effecting production, governmental changes and how and why the markets are changing.  We do not have to worry about a thing with Jeff Lee as our farm manager and Loren Hunt as the farmland operator.  We really appreciate the friendly, dedicated, personal service we have always received from Lee Realty.

Alan Andreae
Ely, MN


I've known Jeff Lee of Lee Realty since 2004 when I began purchasing farmland.  I bought my first farm from Jeff and have always known him to be very honest and sincere in the way he conducts his business.   He has always stuck with it till the very end and even after the closing on the follow-up.  I've bought several farms thru Jeff and have never had any problems.  Jeff has also sold farmland for me and has had to continue to pursue my attorney to get the job done.  I would highly recommend Jeff for any farm real estate purchase or sale in Central Illinois area, especially in and around the Bloomington area where Jeff is very familiar .

Art Hiller
Newark, IL

I have known Jeff for over 30 years.  The decision to sell some tracts of farmland in 2004 and 2005 may have been difficult, but the decision about who I wanted to work with was easy.  Jeff expertly appraised and professionally marketed the property.  The sales were finalized quickly with absolutely no problems. I would not hesitate to recommend Lee Realty.

Linda Baughan
Bloomington, IL

Eight years ago Jeff Lee came highly recommended to us through the McLean County USDA FSA office.  After interviews with three other professional farm management services, we signed a management agreement with Lee Realty Group with Jeff as our management principal.  Jeff is charged with full management services covering approximately 300 acres of 50/50 tenant share cropping plus 300 acres of cash rent farm land.

Jeff’s duties include:  interfacing with our tenants;  securing all appropriate lease agreements;  soil testing with appropriate applications;  all aspects of crop production, harvest and sales.  He is responsible for advising and maintaining participation in appropriate government programs.  Jeff receives all revenues, makes payment of all debts, and makes the distribution of income to the owners.  He produces quarterly financial statements with explanatory cover letters which are easy to understand and follow.  He produces year end reports and records which we review then forward to our accounting service for tax processing and reporting.

Jeff is very easy to contact and quick to respond to our questions and concerns.  We have not had any complaints from our tenants over his management style, suggestions, or ethical professional standards.  We are extremely pleased with all aspects of our working relationship with Jeff and his response to our needs.

Without hesitation we highly recommend Jeff Lee’s farm management services.

Larry Patton
Morton, IL

I have known Jeff Lee for more than 20 years. Even though I’m not a farm real estate or farm management client, I’ve observed that Jeff, as on owner-operator, has a hand-on relationship with his clients when conducting business. Jeff is highly inquisitive about the latest technologies and embraces them in order to best serve the needs of his clients. His business practices are always structured to reflect the best interest of his client in all transactions. He diligently keeps up-to-date on farmland values and regularly attends conferences to network with other professionals on the latest trends affecting farm real estate sales and professional farmland management.
Jeff’s passion for providing farm real estate and farm management services is perhaps best reflected by the number of clients that have worked with him for many years. Their loyalty serves as a strong indication of his dedication to providing high level customer service in all aspects of his business.
Brian Basting
Bloomington, IL


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